WeMakers – Three Kids and a Dream

user July 2, 2018 September 2nd, 2020



Not so long ago in a land not very far away, there lived a huge Star Wars fan. Syed Ali Ahsan always had an affinity for animation and technology, soon becoming a prominent name in the animation and IT industry of Pakistan. This love of technology lead to him to make the first homemade 3D printer in Pakistan whilst regularly tinkering with broken appliances around him, trying to figure out, “What makes this work?”


Amidst all of this, three underlings followed his every move, in awe of everything that he did and all that he created. Soon they found themselves astonished at how much they had learned from this exposure and how kids in Pakistan don’t usually get opportunities through which curiosity and creativity can be fostered within them. A few months later Ahmed, Bilal and Azhar built a 3D printer of their own and WeMakers was born.


In the beginning they focused mainly on selling 3D printed objects and printers, managing to attract clients such as Beaconhouse School System. Although this is how they began, they realized that there is so much more which leaves to be desired when it comes to Pakistan’s tech sphere. Inspired by their mother, who is an educationist, they began conducting interactive sessions and making educational videos for children on a myriad of topics including entrepreneurship, engineering, robotics, programming and content creation among others. Their sessions proved to be so successful that soon they were operating out of three locations, two of which were offered to them by parents who believed in their mission.


Despite this they felt like there was still more to be done. After some tweaking and tinkering they came up with their latest offering, The Tinkerbox, a subscription model based service which provides children with do-it-yourself scientific projects that aim to spark creativity and curiosity. They pitched this idea to The Nest I/O and a four month journey began which would soon turn these three techies into entrepreneurs.


“A lot of people didn’t believe in us. We were told to focus on our studies, that we were just too young to run a business and nobody would take us seriously.” The WeMakers faced their share of scepticism but with the unwavering support of their advisory board AKA their parents and the relentlessness of their ambitions, they have managed to build an alumni network of over 120+ WeMakers, provide 12 different courses, collaborate with different organisations, garner attention from media giants such as BBC and are now all set to bring The Tinkerbox into the market.


Syed Ali Ahmed, Syed Ali Bilal and Syed Ali Azhar were three kids who embarked upon a journey together and in their pursuit of bringing out the maker in every child they managed to teach and bewilder just as many adults. WeMakers has evolved into more than just a startup as it is now a community wherein children are being taught to be curious and ask questions about the things around them.

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