The Story of The Nest i/o

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Initial meetings with our friends at Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung and the team from the US Consulate General in Karachi
First brainstorming session with Adil Moosajee to visualize the space we wanted to create. We didn’t speak with anyone else after this exciting session in Jawwad’s living room.
When we first started thinking of an incubation space for startups, we began with a wish list of “must haves” for a startup community. We explored tech hubs, co-working spaces, startup communities on our travels to the US, the Far East and Europe. We spoke to startups within our own community and asked them about their needs and requirements. We looked at our own experiences as entrepreneurs and thought about all the stuff we would have loved to have when we took our first steps.
The team who put their passion and excitement into this initiative
First of several planning meetings with Adil and Saira from Esthetics to work on the space
When we started speaking to designers, we looked for someone who understood the experience we were trying to create, the challenges entrepreneurship brings with it and the design themes we had in mind – someone who was willing to work with our crazy timelines and was willing to put up with our need to be hands-on, provide constant feedback and make frequent visits to the site. The answer came in the form of Adil Moosajee, Saira Qamar and Sara Rizvi of Esthetics who transformed our vision into a reality.
Every Inch of The Nest i/o was done with painstaking detail until the final picture started coming to life.
The Nest i/o is therefore, a collaborative experiment. An experiment built up on the foundation laid by smaller experiments run by P@SHA over the last decade. From Startup Insiders to P@SHA Launchpad, from the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund and the P@SHA ICT Awards to mentoring our companies for participation at APICTA. A design that has received input from thousands of participants and well wishers. A team effort made possible by an army of volunteers who have generously given their input, their time and their blessings.
Color. Energy. Vibrant hues. These were the elements chosen when we first thought of the Nest.
The dream has now become a reality – the space is open, inspiring, exciting and collaborative. We have shortlisted our first batch of incubatees. We have started our program which has included inspirational talks, startup journeys, hands-on workshops, pitching sessions and loads and loads of networking. It has begun to emerge as the finished product that we wanted it to be – a place where the technology and business community and creative designers comes together, where young people start to work on dream projects with advice from seasoned experts. But the journey has just begun … what lies ahead is full of promise both for aspiring entrepreneurs and for our entire eco-system.