Sustainable, Wearable Tech is the New Vogue

admin September 10, 2020

Wearable Love, a jean jacket launched by H&M Lab in Berlin, Germany, seems like the Sustainable Fashion industry’s answer to the challenges brought on by Covid-19. Launched in August 2020, the jean jacket allows you to simulate human touch without needing to physically touch anyone.

If you miss the loving comfort of a pat on the back, a light brush on the shoulder, or holding your loved ones hand, this might be the jacket for you.

Wearable Love

The Wearable Love jacket, conceived as the U&I jacket, is the brainchild of social entrepreneur and fashion designer, Waqar J Khan. After having launched his ethical fashion startup, Nasheman, from The Nest I/O, Waqar was selected to be part of the Connected Fashion challenge, an initiative The DO School that brings together 20 talented innovators from the world over, and the only one representing Pakistan, to conceptualize clothing that would utilize wearable tech to connect communities.

Thus, the Wearable Love jacket was born. It can work in two ways: jacket-to-jacket, where both parties are wearing the garment and can sense each others touch; and app-to-jacket, allowing you to transmit a sense of touch to your loved one via app and remind them that you’re thinking of them.

Just Walk

Waqar also created Just Walk, a belt like garment that you can attach to the lining of your pants to help you navigate the city. Using vibration feedback, Just Walk connects to Google Maps on your phone and sends vibrations to the belt, signaling where you should turn. No more back and forth between you, your phone screen, trying to locate landmarks in your surroundings to get a better idea of where you actually are and most importantly, being able to avoid the awkwardness of asking strangers for directions.

Just Walk is especially useful for people who are differently-abled; the vibrations alert you of any possible obstacles that might be coming your way, or pose potential harm. Those who love to travel and adventure-seekers will find that the garment will give them the ability to appreciate and enjoy their surroundings much more than before.

With new apps and technology coming out every day, the innovation of new products is providing solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had, or at least, haven’t been able to articulate. How do you tell someone you miss feeling their hand on your shoulder without making yourself vulnerable?

Sustainable, wearable tech is taking the natural, inherent craving for human intimacy and translating it into things we can wear, touch, feel; we can sense the touch of our loved ones with Wearable Love, or feel their heartbeat with Pillow Talk. The industry has been overflowing with solutions to long distance intimacy, and now has temporarily (hopefully) become the answer to our Covid-19 woes.

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