CampAssist is not only an app; it's the buddy you can count on in times of need.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you're in need of something (small or urgent), but none of your friends can help you with it. There is a much higher probability that your need can be fulfilled by someone else on campus. This is where CampAssist comes in.

CampAssist allows you to connect with other people on campus who can meet that urgent, unexpected need. Be it preparing for an exam, getting around places with others (carpool) or needing a charger, a belt or deodorant right before an unexpected interview. Utilizing human networks, connecting you for a finer university experience. So, when you're in need, pull out your phone and get going with CampAssist.

Other than needs being fulfilled, resource availability and connectivity. An added incentive of CampAssist is that it’s not an everyday app. It's a gamified, exciting environment where you receive points per transaction. You can reach levels, earn badges, and best of all, you can redeem points for cool rewards! Visit the Redeem Corner in the mobile app and browse the various options for your rewards that will be available through our partners integrating their products in a unique way.


Hasan Zafar

Zain Reza