Corporate Innovation

Discover new, innovative workplace practices!

New ideas are to come by, if you look in the right places. We’ve organised multiple programs designed around innovation and ideation with companies such as Unilever and ICI, managing to develop formats which, time and time again, are successful in pulling professionals out of their cycle of monotony, truly compelling them to think about the role of innovation within their particular roles in the organisation.

Corporate Innovation Sprint

A six week long innovation sprint conducted at The Nest I/O with selected employees from PMI, called innovation champions, who were made to work together in cross-functional teams on pre-defined challenges by the HR dept. These challenges ranged from areas as diverse as sales, CRM, marketing, HR and IT.

During the six weeks, the employees were called into The Nest, to work together on the challenges and devise an implementable solution framework. As facilitators, The Nest I/O team took them through various training rounds with external trainers as well as the GV Design Sprint process, to polish their business ideas further.

All teams were made to pitch to the higher management at the end of 6 weeks, with PMI taking the roadmaps with them, to implement the ideas further.

Unilever Walls Hackathon - Zero Degree Challenge

The Unilever team came to The Nest with a challenge in mind - how to deliver ice cream in under 10 minutes to the customers doorstep. We organised a 2-day long hackathon, open to everyone in Karachi. The top 3 winners were given prize money, and a chance to work with the Unilever team. As established in our communication with participants, the Unilever team owned all solution ideas presented to them. The Unilever app Munchies, which is a snack-delivery app was essentially born out of this Hackathon.

ICI Explore Challenge

The ICI Explore Challenge was our biggest innovation sprint till date. It was organized over a span of almost 8 months, across ICI's Karachi and Lahore offices, with the training period ranging from around 8-10 weeks. Here, the participants were asked to come up with challenges in areas where they think the organisation needed improvement. The best ideas were then made part of the innovation sprint, and its participants were taken through various workshops and training sessions to build upon the solutions. About 80 shortlisted individuals were put into teams to work upon the proposed challenges. As facilitators, The Nest I/O team took them through training sessions led by external trainers, along with 1-1 feedback loops post training sessions. Some of the prominent training sessions which were a part of this program were:
Design Thinking and its Applications for New Business Ideas
- Six Sigma Principles
- Lean Startup Model
- Communication & Pitching

RB Innovation Challenge

The Nest also had the pleasure of designing an Innovation Challenge for RB Health division, for their Enfa Nutrition Brand. This challenge was launched online and people from all over Pakistan were invited to pitch in their solutions, with the winning idea taking 300,000 as the winning prize, along with a chance to work with the RB team to bring the solution to life. The winning team for this challenge was one of our startups, and they are currently working on the solution with RB.

Digital Launch of Munchies

Born out of a hackathon held in collaboration with Unilever in 2018, Munchies is a start up that is disrupting the e-snacking industry and aims to provide consumers with instant delivery of snacking items using a dedicated delivery fleet.

Unilever approached The Nest in July 2019, to introduce Munchies and its vision with the wider community and tech enthusiasts. The Nest I/O, under its newly launched initiative of online webinars, The Nest I/O Startup Pulse, organised a Fireside Chat hosted by Jehan Ara. She was joined by Amir Paracha, Unilever CEO, Atif Azim, CEO VentureDive, Syed Fawad Ahmad, Strategy & Transformation Director for Unilever and Saad Fazil, Co-founder and MD, VentureDive.

The chat detailed the workings of the hyper-local model that began with the ambition to 'UBERise' the company’s ice-cream category.

Startup Weekend