Community Meetups

Entrepreneurship is a team sport!

Apart from organizing and hosting our internal events and sessions, The Nest I/O also provides support to others in our network to further our goal of spreading entrepreneurship in the country. We’ve collaborated with over 50 organizations including GDG Kolachi, Techstars and more, building a growing community of more than 10,000 individuals with diverse backgrounds, and inspiring countless others in the process.

Nadia Patel Ganajee, founder of Femprow hosted a Facebook Ads 101 Community meet up in the Mind gym.

Design Meetup 01: The impact of Design was organised by the Designist, discussed the influence, best practices and value of design in banking, education, tech and public spaces.

Facebook Developer Circle: Karachi hosted Dev Community panel.

Irfan Junejo speaking at a community meet up hosted by Tech Geeks.