Program Overview

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Path to The Nest i/o


Step 1: Apply

Applications for internal and external incubatees will be accepted through the website.

Step 2: First Phase Selection

After a rigorous evaluation, the selected applicants will be invited to a Pitch Day where they will pitch their startup idea in front of a panel of experts.

Step 3: Pitching to the Panel

A three minute Pitch for shortlisted candidates (startups) will be conducted before a panel of judges from the technology and business community

Step 4: Nestlings are announced

Three days later, a list of successful candidates will be announced and they will be notified via email.

Step 5: The Incubation Cycle Begins, well hello dear Nestlings!

Once selected, the Incubatees will fill out the accompanying Profile form and sign it along with the Legal Agreement. They must then submit it to the Program Manager before the Program is scheduled to begin.

This will be followed by an Orientation, which comprises of a formal announcement, sharing of The Nest i/o handbook and other documents and distribution of giveaways as the startups embark on their Incubation Adventure at The Nest i/o.


4 Month Nesting Cycle

Program Overview
After the Orientation Program and the signing of legal agreements, the startup teams will enter into a four-month long incubation cycle here at The Nest i/o. The program is designed in four stages, described below:

Stage 1

POWER Building your Nest

  • Mentor matchmaking
  • Defining mission, vision and values
  • Building a customer profile
  • Conducting target audience research
  • Setting milestones for 4-month incubation

Stage 2

RAMP UP Gaining Momentum

  • Lean startup methodology and its applicability
  • Digital strategy development
  • Team building and HR skills
  • Optimising sales processes
  • Tracking progress and goal setting
  • Evaluation by mentor and pivoting

Stage 3

PROPEL Revving up

  • Developing a brand persona
  • Understanding costing and pricing models
  • Analysing sales volumes
  • How startups raise funds
  • Focused pitching workshops
  • Product launch

Stage 4

FLY Gearing up & Taking Off

  • Customer validation
  • Managing your cash flow
  • How the law works for startups
  • Making the most out of sales trends
  • Post-launch discussion with mentors
  • Setting goals for future growth and outreach