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P@SHA’s Tech incubator The Nest i/o and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) recently came together to support edutech startups and promote innovation and growth in the education sector.Ilm Ideas 2 is a programme funded by DFID that provides funding and technical support to education solutions with the potential to scale.

The eventual aim is to fund and grow startups that can improve literacy and numeracy skills in Pakistan and ensure that more children from disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to enroll and stay in school. Ilm Ideas 2 has given a grant to The Nest i/o to support incubation of innovative Edtech Startups as part of the Ilm Ideas 2 Education Innovation Fund project and 4 startups were selected to join the program. These include

  • MentHub
  • Tech Tree
  • ELN (E-learning Network)
  • WonderTree