Meet the Cool People Running the Coolest Incubator in the City!


There is a lot of sweat, tears and hard work that goes into building and running a dynamic and buzzing place like The Nest i/o. But we’re super proud of having a team that does it so effortlessly. Each one of these young, talented and diverse individuals are brimming with energy and passion – to change lives, to create a difference and to transform the face and fate of technology in Pakistan.

So without further ado, here’s presenting the folks behind P@SHA and The Nest i/o – the people who try and make this place all the more fun and effective for every startup that walks through our doors!

The Big Bird at The Nest i/o needs no introduction.

Jehan AraIt’s no wonder that Jehan Ara personifies what this space is all about – energy, passion, talent and spirit. The Nest i/o is the culmination of a dream for Jehan, and she is so passionate about the cause and idea behind it that the energy immediately grips you the minute you walk in! Being an entrepreneur herself, Jehan truly knows what entrepreneurship is about and is forever ready to mentor and guide all those who step inside The Nest i/o. Drop by anytime, and the Big Bird will always greet you with a huge, warm smile from behind her MacBook! She has been a driving force at P@SHA for over a decade and has started a number of exciting initiatives like the P@SHA ICT Awards, the P@SHA LaunchPad event, P@SHA Career Expo and the P@SHA Social Innovation Fund. She has a strong belief in the IT eco-system and the ability of the IT sector to bring about phenomenal change in Pakistan.


Nabeel Waqar Sabir – Senior Manager Policy and Research for P@SHA and the Oldest Bird to Stick Around!

NabeelWhen it comes to his work, Nabeel means business. He specializes in public policy, working with the Government, its support institutions and wider stakeholders within the IT & ITES community to ensure sustained growth of this sector in Pakistan. Nabeel is engaged in developing strategic P@SHA program responses for capacity building, research, outreach and resource mobilization. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from IBA and has a diverse background of working in the banking, fertilizer, chemical and textile industries of Pakistan. Also, he is a diehard movie buff and you can’t win if you go on a  Hollywood trivia battle with this guy.


We said Ahoy! to Rumaisa Mughal this Summer as she joined as Program Manager!

rumaisaRumaisa was there when The Nest i/o opened its doors, and she was a design mentor and Entrepreneur in Residence at The Nest i/o during its first and second cycle. Rumaisa is a Design Strategist and UX Consultant and heads her own company ‘Artboard’ alongside managing the incubation program for The Nest i/o. She is doing her MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts and is always ready to guide startups in terms of interaction design, business strategy, pitching and more!


We’re reaching out to more people far and wide and building a community of entrepreneurs, thanks to Akash Shaikh!

AkashOur Community and Outreach Manager Akash is an economics major from the London School of Economics with experience in the investment banking industry as a project manager. He is a firm believer in the potential for technology to continuously change lives, and is extremely enthusiastic about global entrepreneurship and technology trends. He is also the founder of a location based mobile app startup in private beta.


Sukena is our in-house content churning machine.

sukenaAn engineer by profession but a writer at heart, Sukena handles content and social media for both P@SHA and The Nest i/o and also doubles as the resident paparazzi. She is also interested in Research. Documenting the excitement of the place and making sure it reaches far and wide to draw in more passionate entrepreneurs every cycle is the favorite part of her job. Writing, singing, eating and tweeting are just some of the things that she loves and she is passionate about inspiring a social change.


Suhaib Nadeem is our Video Content Developer and ‘One-Man-Army’ Behind the Camera!

SuhaibAn aspiring filmmaker who wishes to direct a documentary one day, Suhaib is responsible for producing video content at The Nest i/o. He has caught all of our startups’ adventures and shenanigans on camera and created videos that best tell their individual stories. In his free time, Suhaib loves making music and jamming with his band.

Tajwar Aziz is our Resident Design Diva and Creative Associate.  

Tajwar AzizA fitness buff through and through, Tajwar was born with a sparkle in her eye and creativity in her genes. She is a Communication Design graduate from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and specializes in illustrations, graphics and concept. With a background in advertising,Tajwar is always brimming with new, exciting and out-of-the-box ideas. Outside of work, Tajwar loves photography, beach, traveling and yoga and is a die-hard foodie!

We Doubled the Design Talent in the house with Alyna Butt, Our Other Creative Associate

AlynaWork hard and party harder is Alyna’s motto. She came to The Nest i/o with her startup ‘Celebrate Karachi’, but we loved her so much that we inducted her as part of the team. She is the other Creative Associate at The Nest i/o, and her strong points are illustrations, photography and infographics. People say that she is ambitious, focused, workaholic and a goof and she dreams of traveling a lot and becoming a hippie someday.

Munib Puri has come on board as the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.

MunibWith a Masters degree in Finance from the London School of Economics, Munib has worked closely with startups in the past and wishes to be an entrepreneur himself one day. He is also a cricket strategist and dreams to be a traveller who wants to leave behind his mark in the world.

Filza Maniar has joined us recently as the Finance Manager!

FilzaHandling the accounts for both P@SHA and The Nest i/o, Filza has a professional experience of 5 years and has an ACCA background. She is passionate about numbers, shopping and traveling. Filza loves natural beauty, mountain scenery and lots of colors – one reason that drew her to The Nest i/o was the colorful and fun environment.

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