2nd Batch of Startup Businesses Gets Incubated at The Nest i/o


At The Nest i/o, we are all for nurturing talent, innovation and growth in the technology industry of Pakistan. Being P@SHA’s Tech Incubator in Karachi, we regularly hold pitching events, inviting startups looking for mentoring and assistance to get connected to an industry-wide network of mentors, experts and investors.

The first batch of startup businesses at The Nest i/o has graduated and a new lot of Nestlings has arrived! Here’s what the diverse batch of new Nestlings are working on:

Internal Teams


Team Members: Syed Ahmad Hussain, Mirza Mibsah, Osama Alam, Syed Najaf Ali

Daakhla.pk is an online platform containing information on educational institutes, their admission announcements, career counselling and guidance, to enable the students to choose the best study courses, according to market needs and trends.

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Team Members: Babar Saeed, Salman Anis, Muneeb Fazal, Sharique Hasan, Talha Khan Kakerzai

Everee helps you rediscover the city you love. That is what Everee is all about. It’s about being connected to your favourite places at home and on the go. It’s about walking through a familiar place and discovering unfamiliar things. It’s about understanding you and to ensure your convenience.

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Wonder Tree

Team Members: Muhammad Usman, Ahmed Hassan, Muhammad Waqas

We intend to offer an interactive e-learning platform for special children so that they will be able to educate and train themselves in a better way providing them academic as well as functional education.

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Team Members: Arsalan Shakil, Asghar Musani, Basit Ali, Muhammad Faizan

iOTechnica is designing products based on IoT (Internet of Things) that will provide quick access to all the tech around you – it can even make your plant talk to you wirelessly when it feels thirsty!

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Team Member: Jehanzeb Chaudhry

MandiExpress is bringing the Mandi Online! We live in a largely Agricultural Economy yet most of the best quality fresh produce is inaccessible to us. Most of it is exported or sold at exorbitant prices at fancy super stores. MandiExpress.pk is changing that. By connecting farmers directly to consumers and by buying straight from the mandi, they are providing  high quality produce straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is log on and place your order on www.mandiexpress.pk

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Team Members: Usama Noman, Talha Yasin, Umair Ali, Umer Ayub

Hireonic is a product by our startup, VortechsHireonic provides a database of capable candidates already assessed and rated after a series of rigorous evaluations. Through Hireonic, the HR department of a company can scout the best talent, and hire after a few quick steps, without missing out on any capable candidate.

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Team Members: Muhammad Usman Khalid

WPJIT offers 100% hassle free WordPress maintenance and support consultancy with unlimited small fixes, cloud back-ups, security monitoring and website performance monitoring.

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Team Members: Shehzad Iqbal, Adil Malik, Malik Junaid

Rateker is a social app that lets you share and discover honest opinions. It helps you to improve your overall personality through anonymous feedback from your friends, and provides you with a personality profile to showcase. Rateker helps you speak your heart out on different issues with your friends and the world, without the fear of contempt.

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Team Members: Faisal Naeem, Rizwan Shahid, Adil Naeem

RentMyCar is Pakistan’s first online marketplace where you can list your car or choose from a wide variety of vehicles that meet your rental needs. On this car rental platform, you decide who rents your car, and when, with safety and security. On the other hand, do you want to experience the thrill of driving a luxury car? Or going on a business trip? Perhaps want a spacious 4×4 for a fun outing with friends? RentMyCar offers thousands of cars to choose from. Match your car with potential borrowers or find one yourself now!


Team Members: Mohammad Sohail, Hassaan Mustafa

Inferential-S is a security solutions company which works on user identification and identity theft prevention.

As the Usage of Internet increases day by day we tend to have a lot of delicate information in the insecure cloud. Problems like identity theft, phishing scams, and account hacks can bring down companies overnight. Our solution is creating a remote sensor which reads the user i.e. the behavior. For example if the user tends to use both hands, or make several typing mistakes, or use mosepad instead of mouse. This product will result in the fact that once a user starts using the computer after logging into his/ her account and then one day suddenly behaves differently then he will be asked some id questions, or asked to input password again, or input an id code sent to his mobile device etc… Ultimately one can leak what a user knows but can’t leak the behavior of a person that uses the computer!

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Team Members: Quratulain Tejani, Seema Tejani

Quality content is not created in assembly lines. It is produced by creative minds.

Those 7 Minutes is a content based website, exploring various forms of underutilized literary content and ways of presenting it. It carries creative, as well as covered content, but with a lot of value addition. So take a break for those 7 minutes of entertainment you seek. Find your favorite articles and multimedia, all under one roof.


Team Members: Hadeel Obaid, Munib Puri, Taimur Khan

KheloKricket is Pakistan’s first social hub for the cricket player. We aim to cover cricket matches and give teams a platform where they can display their team news, player profiles, gallery of pictures and videos, scorecards, schedules and a forum to find a suitable opponent. The idea is to develop, encourage and celebrate a love for cricket on the grass roots level.

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External Teams


Team Member: Ahsan Ayaz

Owesome is an innovative tool to save and properly manage all your formal or informal deals with friends, colleagues, and family right through your smartphone. So whether it’s a novel you gave to your buddy or a favor you did your friend paying in a party, all your deals are safe on the cloud. And what’s great is that you won’t even have to hesitate to ask your asset back. Owesome’s friendly reminders will do that for you.

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Team Members: Syed Maaz Imran, Syed Osaid Haq

eTutionHub is a learning platform that lets you connect with great tutors anywhere around the world. To all the times when one sits poker-faced watching online video lectures, questions popping up and no channel to get them answered, eTutionHub is a start up solving that problem with an innovative combination of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courseware) and in-person tutoring.

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Team Members: Osama Qassim

QuicknEasy Solutions (QnE), a business launched under Premier Agencies, is a customer oriented e-commerce platform that aims to take care of all the shopping needs in a smart way simplifying lives for all customers. It features more than 700 products ranging from dairy to personal care products.

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Team Members: Shahbaz Khan

In case of a medical emergency, a person has to contact the blood banks physically or via phone call and it is physically not possible to access multiple blood banks at the same time. So, our idea is to provide the required blood bag details nearest to his current location within the city or country by just one click which can save many lives.


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