Blueacon – A Cross-border Story of Friendship, Written In Code

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My name is Shafiullah Bughio. I am the co-founder of Blueacon, a smart marketing solution for the 21st century. With Blueacon, brands can send marketing messages as app-less notifications to consumers. Imagine walking into a mall and receiving all the latest deals and discounts on your cellphone. And that is just one of the ways that Blueacon helps companies make better marketing campaigns.


Like so many startups in the digital age, our story began on the internet. I met my co-founder Aditya through UpWork. He admired my work ethic. I liked his positive energy. We immediately hit it off.


After having worked on multiple projects together, Aditya came up with the idea to create an app that would increase connectivity between brands and consumers. Here was a guy who lived across the border, who I had never met, asking me to join him as a co-founder for his startup. Call it recklessness, or call it intuition, but I decided to take the plunge.


Half a year and countless late-night skype sessions later, our hard work paid off and we launched Blueacon. Within a very short period of time, we signed a host of international clients and started generating revenue. We were excited about our initial progress, but we both knew that there was a long road ahead.


But for us the journey was made that bit easier when shortly after, Blueacon was selected as part of The Nest I/O’s 7th cohort. It was here that I got the chance to refine our product by talking to a plethora of mentors and thought leaders of the industry, whose invaluable advice helped improve Blueacon’s value proposition.


I also got the opportunity to pitch my solution to brands in the local market, which eventually resulted in big names like KFC and Unilever partnering with us for their brand activations in the major shopping malls of Karachi.


Aditya and I are very excited about the what the future holds for Blueacon. We talk about its endless potential all the time. But something that we never talk about is politics. And Aditya doesn’t watch cricket so I can’t even goad him over the Champions Trophy final either! Yet it’s amazing how easy it is for us to open up to each other about the problems we face in our personal lives: the problems of running a young startup in South Asia, the pressure from the family to get a 9-to-5 job. Imagine having to explain to someone from the West the concept of load-shedding.


I have come to think of Aditya as a younger brother. I hope that next year I get a visa to visit him for his wedding in Goa. And if all goes according to plan, we’ll also have some celebrating to do over the success of Blueacon.  

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