Paiman – A Revival of Traditions

user June 25, 2018 September 2nd, 2020




There is nothing in the world that natural oils and herbs can’t fix. They’ve been used for beauty and health for centuries and are also a strong part of our tradition. We have all grown up hearing the neverending list of benefits of using coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, and literally any natural oil from our mothers and grandmothers. Little did we know that the world we are living in is becoming increasingly inorganic and getting access to pure 100% natural oils will be nothing short of obtaining a blood diamond.


Even though the use of natural oils and herbs has long been a part of our culture and tradition, it is difficult to find authentic natural oils locally. The oils available in the market are either impure with no way to verify their authenticity or extremely expensive. It is for this very reason that the use of natural oils and herbs has declined over the years. Paiman is a young startup that aims to revive this centuries old tradition by providing 100% pure hand pressed oils and herbs.


Sahar Mansoor, Founder Paiman, is a graduate of IVS and has a strong bond with our culture and traditions. She doesn’t just want to bring back the use of pure oils and herbs in our daily lives, but also aims to embrace the hard work of artisans who have been handpressing these products since the era of the Moghuls.


“Paiman is a Persian word which means promise. It is a business venture that celebrates the art of labour, embraces the production process, and educates people about the benefits of using herbal oils. But above all, promises the quality of produce”, says Sahar.


Dedicated to making Paiman a household name for natural products, Sahar began assembling her introductory “gift box” while she was incubated at The Nest I/O. From production of oils and herbs from the finest ingredients to every single detail down to packaging, Sahar has worked as a one woman army to ensure quality of her products. Sahar spent weeks finding the best containers for her products and packing each product in each of her gift boxes personally by hand. Each box contains 4 natural oils (along with their extracts) 2 herbs, rose water spray, heal peel scrub, a guide to using these products and tools needed when using them.


It took her many days (and nights) to assemble her final product all alone but her hard work finally paid off when the receivers of her complimentary gift boxes expressed their excitement on receiving such a natural, organic, and personalised gift. Paiman went viral overnight and has since been overbooked for orders.


Even with all this success within a week of its launch, Sahar has a long way to go as she sees this as just the beginning of her long journey. She aims to be the go to brand when it comes to purchasing natural oils and herbs while at the same time she wants to implement ethical business terms and give artisans a fair share for the hard work which they put in. Paiman may only be a local product at the moment, but it aims to be a brand that revives, introduces and represents our local culture, traditions, and organic beauty regimes around the world.

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