ConnectHear Holds Pakistan’s First Deaf-Inclusive Concert

user May 14, 2018 September 2nd, 2020

Our everyday lives are ravaged by the monotony which comes with having a routine but we constantly find ways to break away and do something for ourselves. Festivals, theatre and concerts are a few of the means which we rely on to do so but it isn’t very often that we take a moment to think about those who are deprived of these experiences.


On 26th April, ConnectHear, a social startup incubated at The Nest I/O, conducted Pakistan’s first interpreted concert wherein individuals from the deaf community could step away from their daily lives to enjoy a spectacular show. The concert, conducted at Habib University, welcomed over 300 attendees from the deaf community to join students from Habib’s graduating class in welcoming one of the most famous acts in the country, Strings.





Strings celebrated 30 years in the music industry by ensuring that nobody was left behind and everyone got the opportunity to partake in the festivities. This effort, initiated and facilitated by ConnectHear, was executed in a manner which allowed everyone to have the time of their lives. Their dedicated interpreters, no less than superstars themselves, shared the stage with the performers and interpreted the songs so passionately that it was difficult to look away.




The evening kicked off with a special rendition of the national anthem which everyone got to experience not just in an auditory state but also visually. A group of young men from the deaf community who had recently broken barriers by walking in a major designer’s fashion show, graced the event with their presence and allowed us to experience the national anthem in a completely different way.





When Strings took the stage they were welcomed with hands being waved in the air, a roaring applause. For a few hours that night, apprehensions, disabilities and differences were put aside and everyone celebrated the power of music. From Koi Aanay Wala Hai all the way to Sajni, Strings has been entertaining generations of music lovers for three decades and that was a night where no distinctions could be made, everyone was there for the music. ConnectHear’s efforts were not in vain as they taught Pakistan that all individuals have the ability to experience things, even if they do so differently than others.


Here’s hoping that ConnectHear continues to break boundaries, educate people and pave the way for a future where these experiences are not exclusively confined to certain groups of people.         

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