Budding Entrepreneurs Take the Stage to Impress Local and International Investors

user May 8, 2018 September 2nd, 2020

The latest cohort of startups that graduated from The Nest I/O on April 30 is working to disrupt a diverse set of fields including education, the wedding industry, health & lifestyle, e-commerce retail, discounts through blockchain, and many more.


A total of 25 startups, which included the graduating batch and some alumni, pitched to a panel of investors and corporates at the Demo Day event. Some of the key investors present at the event included representatives from Fatima Ventures, Elahi Group of Companies, and Bakery. With this being the seventh batch passing out of The Nest I/O in just over 3 years, the total number of graduating startups has hit 139.


“The Nest I/O has and continues to play a vital role in the development of the startup ecosystem in Pakistan by continuously bringing together fantastic entrepreneurs, seasoned mentors, and strategic investors to catalyze growth of startups.  We at Google, and I personally, am very proud to be associated with what is largely one of the beachheads of technology entrepreneurship in Pakistan”, commented Raza Matin, Business and Marketing Consultant for Google in Pakistan.


The graduating startups have made significant progress during their 4 month incubation at The Nest I/O in terms of product development, product launch, marketing, traction, and business model. Although still in the initial phase of their startup journey, some of the batch 7 startups have already shown progress in terms of traction and revenue, such as WeMakers, an EdTech startup focusing on the area of STEM education, 3D-printing and Robotics, that has been featured on BBC; and Paiman, a health and beauty startup that has generated revenue of PKR 45,000 within one week of its product launch.


Apart from incubating tech startups, The Nest I/O has been involved in other activities to promote the startup culture of Pakistan and facilitate the growth of entrepreneurship in the country. Some of these initiatives include Corporate Innovation Sprints, Hackathons, the 021Disrupt Conference, Sindh TechEd Program, Innovation Breakfasts, Young Innovators Camps and many more.


Over the years, The Nest I/O has made great efforts to support the mainstreaming of gender equality through inclusion initiatives such as Women Scaling Heights and bringing Startup Weekend Women to Pakistan. The results of these inclusion efforts can clearly be seen in the graduating batch with more than 50% startups being led by female entrepreneurs.


“Pakistan currently ranks 143 out of 144 in the Global Gender Gap Report. Inclusion and equal representation of women in business is no longer a social issue but an economic one. We have worked very hard to ensure that there is equal representation of female entrepreneurs at least in the startup ecosystem. It is not the talent or skills that Pakistani women lack, it’s the lack of opportunity and support that keeps them from reaching their full potential”, commented Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and Founder of The Nest I/O.



Below is a list of all of the startups which pitched their ideas at the event.


GoMobishop allows retail businesses of all sizes to launch native mobile apps in a matter of hours, without having to worry about investment or app developers.


Enent is an energy efficiency startup developing a Three-Phase Load Balancer, which could finally solve Pakistan’s energy crisis by cutting power loss by an estimated 20%.


Unity is a retail network that allows brands to sell with the click of a button by replacing the existing processes which are cumbersome and redundant.


Bolo Tech is the world’s first speech therapy platform in Urdu. It is a clinical software which aims to improve speech and communication disorders and assist the hearing impaired.


ConnectHear has set up a sign language interpretation system, connecting sign language interpreters to deaf and mute individuals in an effort to bridge the communication gap.  


Nu-Track aims to aid individuals in their weight loss journey by providing them with 5 diet meals a day along with exercise goals which are delivered through their app.


Top5 is an experience sharing platform where people can rate & review different businesses and help each other find the best restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.


Travoney is Pakistan’s first crowd-shipping Platform for peer-to-peer urgent baggage deliveries. It connects people looking for urgent and cost-effective deliveries with travelers.


Queno is an educational platform aiming to build an e-communication bond between schools and parents. Through the platform, parents can view their child’s progress with real time updates on their mobile phones.


Jamout is a fun new way to broadcast your jam live, chat and invite close friends with a private URL.


Asaan Taleem
Asaan Taleem is an online tutoring platform which connects qualified women (tutors/professionals/homemakers) to young girls through live video classes.


Just Because
Just Because aims to introduce the concept of a gift registry in Pakistan where users can curate the set of gifts that they wish to receive from their loved ones on various occasions.


WeMakers hopes to teach children the concepts of 3D Printing, robotics and more. Their latest project, the Tinker Box, is a monthly subscription-based toolkit that encourages kids to use problem-solving and critical thinking.  


ReliveNow is be an online platform that provides a mobile connection between psychologists and people looking for counselling and therapy.


Paiman aims to rejuvenate the cherished tradition of using pure, organic cosmetic products. The startup offers access to pure, artisanal, hand-pressed oils and herbs through their website.


Tadrees works with out-of-school children from underserved areas to provide them with quality education with the help of volunteers and donations from the community.


Blueacon is working on a large scale IoT platform which will allow businesses to broadcast information to smart devices at a much higher targeting accuracy than a GPS.


Sehatmand Mustaqbil
Sehatmand Mustaqbil aims to set up telemedicine facilitation units in rural and underserved communities to provide medical consultation by connecting doctors with patients.


Concrete To Abstract
Concrete to Abstract believes in a concept-driven pedagogical philosophy towards teaching math. They design teaching aids and math manipulatives to make learning math fun for all.


Iorena aims to use VR to revolutionize the way architectural models are visualized.


Dreamnode Studios
Dreamnode Studios is a local game development studio with global ambitions. Their latest venture is an extremely addictive, super fun, app-based multiplayer football game.


Gravy is a global point-rewarding system which uses the power of blockchain to reward every purchase with Gravy Points that can be redeemed at our partner outlets, thus giving power back to the consumer.


Roshni Rides
Roshni Rides is a transportation network solution that provides accessible, affordable and reliable public transportation for urbanized refugees living in informal settlements in South Asia.


Tilism has ambitions towards introducing unique mobile financial services, big data analytics, digital content platform services, app based consumer marketing, and localized mobile messaging solutions.


Thekaydaar aims to bring technological reform in traditional thekaydaari system and provide a one-stop shop for all the construction services.


Modulus Tech Represents Pakistan at the Pitch@Palace event at the Commonwealth Summit