021Disrupt 2019: Innovation is Evolving

user October 31, 2019 September 2nd, 2020

What is 021Disrupt really about?


You have probably heard a lot about 021Disrupt. Yes, it is kind of everywhere. However you probably wonder if it’s really for you and if it is worth spending the money and your entire weekend on. Well, we have put together a little post to help you make that decision.

021Disrupt is an opportunity where we have gotten together hundreds of people for you to learn from and connect with. The focus of 021Disrupt is entrepreneurship and technology but we have something for everyone. Don’t they say, “Every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides. The companies that embrace this fact are the ones that shape our world.”

Why You Should Attend

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, professional, freelancer or a student in the tech industry or elsewhere, you should attend 021 Disrupt only if you are:
Ready to be inspired and immerse yourself in the energy of 1500+ doers and movers. At 021 Disrupt there will be plenty of conversations and people who will open your mind up to unlimited possibilities.
A big thinker or want to be. 021Disrupt will give you an opportunity to meet other like minded professionals from various fields which will open your horizons and perhaps leave you wanting to make more of your life.


Hungry to learn about the world, our ecosystem, it’s players and how to grow in it. 021 Disrupt will give you an opportunity to learn from the people who make things happen in our lives and get an insight into how they do it.
Driven to grow and continue to challenge yourself both personally and professionally. At 021 Disrupt you will get to meet who’s who, develop meaningful connections and leave energized and full of ideas.
Looking for motivation to take you to the next phase in your life. 021 Disrupt is the ideal platform to make that resolve and find the people who will help you do so.

“Sound like big promises? Yes they are, and we like to deliver.”

What to Expect


The conference spans across two full days on Nov 2nd and 3rd from 9am to 8pm and you get to witness:

Over 60 speakers hailing from different industries from all over the world share their wisdom
4 Panels with 24 experts have thought-provoking, stimulating discussions
Fireside chats with 6 world renowned professionals
6 Workshops for you to get your hands messy and learn real-time from our experts on topics like Storytelling, Community Building, Mindfulness, Pitching, Empathy and Fundraising
3 Round table discussions where you get to converse and exchange ideas with brilliant minds on topics like Investments, Social Impact and Sustainability, and Diversity and Inclusion
10 Startup pitches that allow you witness the new and upcoming talent
Office hours with experts for you to get one-on-one feedback from on YOUR journey
Check out the detailed agenda here:

“We’re excited and we want you to be too!”

Here’s How to Prepare:

Whether you are a networking pro or not, here are our top 5 things to consider:
Prepare Your Elevator Pitch
Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional or a student, prepare your introductory message. This may comprise of your name, what you do, why you are here and potentially why you would like to connect with the person you are speaking to. Leaving a great first impression always gets you in the door faster.

Keep Your Business Cards

You don’t want to meet someone great and realize you forgot your business cards at home. Exchanging your business cards is a sign of professionalism and a great way for people to remember or contact you later.
Don’t forget to follow up
What good is meeting someone if you don’t put in the effort to follow-up? Make sure to have a way to contact them after the conference, or you would have wasted all your breath for perhaps nothing.


Walk through the entire conference floor

021 Disrupt is so much more than all the lightning talks. Our team has worked hard to create an immersive experience so make sure to check out and interact with our installations. You never know what will inspire you!
Don’t just hang out with people you know

The best part about conferences is often not even the speaker sessions, it’s the new people you get to meet! You want to be able to make the most of it and expand your network. Remember, ‘your net worth is your network’. Don’t have lunch or hang out with just your friends – connect with some new folks and make the most of this opportunity.
“Like most things in life, you’ll get what you put in.”

Mitsubishi, DIYA interactive and Engro are just some of the many sponsors who are just as excited as we are about 021Disrupt – which is why we are able to put together an event like this in the first place. We’re always open for feedback both before and after the conference. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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