Women Scaling Heights Launched at The Nest i/o



The Nest i/o – P@SHA’s Technology Incubator – launched its inclusion initiative in collaboration with Sheops, Women Scaling Heights, today at The Nest i/o. WSH aims to help women entrepreneurs and professionals achieve new heights, by providing expertise through training and skill development. Sheops, a graduate of The Nest i/o, is an empowerment platform for homebased women entrepreneurs,  


The event was hosted by Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and the keynote speaker was Sidra Iqbal, an internationally acclaimed television journalist and development activist. Sidra spoke about her own experiences and delivered a motivational session.


The event, which was attended by women from all walks of life, ended with Jehan Ara inviting suggestions and comments from the audience about the skills they’d like to develop to grow professionally, so that relevant talks and sessions can be arranged to better facilitate entrepreneurial women.


The women empowering initiative, Women Scaling Heights, aims to develop knowledge base and skills of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan to facilitate the growth of their business through the use of technology. With the second lowest female economic representation of 22%, there is a dire need for initiatives that work towards developing skills of women entrepreneurs.


Women Scaling Heights aims to achieve this by conducting sessions and workshops that help women from all walks of life grow personally and professionally.

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