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Data Sciences, Life Sciences & Other Connections

Afrah Shafquat

Jan 7, 2017

With every field driven by data, Afrah here talks about the applications of Data Science, focusing on the applications in the field of computational biology. Using her experience as a programmer and passion for Life Sciences, the discussion emphasizes on the many ways in which the quantitative field is investigating the fundamental questions of life sciences.

So, It’s Not About Making It Pretty?

Saba Zaidi

Dec 30, 2016

You’ve probably heard of this thing called, “Design”; maybe you even practice it. But do you ever find it challenging to explain what it is or why it’s important to your friends, team, or even to yourself? This talk walks through the role of User Experience (UX) Design in product development through a case study from Google, removes some misconceptions, and shares tips for building a case for design within your team, despite constraints.

Brands are Humans

Nubain Ali

Sep 22, 2016

Nubain Ali, CEO of clothing brand Wardha Saleem and brand strategist for a number of leading names in the industry conducted a workshop on branding and persona at The Nest i/o.

Making Products That Dominate Massive Markets

Shehryar Hydri

Aug 5, 2016

Keeping it real for the startups, Shehryar Hydri talked about the wealth of local opportunities available to startups here and how the youth can utilize them fully and effectively. Shehryar Hydri has almost two decades of wide ranging experience in Technology, Media and Communication. He currently heads Convo's Pakistan office as the Director, Marketing & Operations.

Personal Branding: Do’s and Dont’s

Adil Moosajee

Jun 15, 2016

Adil Moosajee, the founder of Ego and The East End, did a very interesting and interactive workshop on personal branding, how to carry yourselves in public and how to talk to people to make a lasting and powerful first impression.

How to Succeed with the New Age Customer in the Era of Digital Disruption and Convergence

Javaid Iqbal

Mar 18, 2016

Watch this talk on 'How to Succeed with the New Age Customer in the Era of Digital Disruption and Convergence' with Javaid Iqbal, Customer Engagement & Success Leader at Salesforce, the premier platform for cloud based Enterprise Digital Transformation in the customer space. He is also a Graduate level professor of Customer-Centric Innovation at DePaul University. Prior to Salesforce, Javaid ran P&L’s for practices within various large and mid sized consultancies and his early career was spent in practice development and spearheading solution delivery on multi-year complex global consulting engagements for Fortune 500 customers.

Meet the Nestlings: Haptika


Haptika gives you interaction beyond imagination in virtual reality and gaming & enable you to touch and experience the temperature of a virtual environment. They are providing wearable haptic feedback suits with temperature sensation and motion capturing ability for a highly immersive experience.

Bootcamp for Summer Nestlings

Jul 11, 2016

The Nest i/o had a summer bootcamp for teenagers passionate about coding, robotics, entrepreneurship and innovation in technology! Here are a few glimpses of the amazing two weeks we had with these super bright kids!

Exponential Mindset

Isfandiyar Shaheen

Mar 12, 2016

Catch Isfandiyar in action! Isfandiyar Shaheen's talk on the Exponential Mindset, his experience at Singularity University, First Principle thinking, the growth mindset and MORE at The Nest i/o. His presentation with an amazing amount of details is available at

Entrepreneurship Journey of Ego

Adil Moosajee

Mar 9, 2016

Adil Moosajee started clothing brand EGO in 2005, at a time when it was custom tailoring and not pret that was the norm. Despite being a part of the renowned Moosajee family, Adil went solo and started from scratch, going on to begin not just Ego but also high end restaurant The East End. Here in this talk he talks about his journey, the ups and downs and the highs and lows, and what lessons can young entrepreneurs take from the mistakes he made.

The Launch of Wukla

Mar 5, 2016

Promising hassle-free legal services online with a click, Wukla, Pakistan's first online legal services was launched yesterday at The Nest i/o. Wukla offers legal advice, connects you to lawyers and also lets you receive legal documents at your doorstep.

Fireside Chat with the EatOye! Founders

Rai Umair & Nauman Sikandar

Feb 24, 2016

Rai Umair & Nauman Sikandar, the co-founder duo behind the success of Eatoye!, a food ordering portal feeding 7000 to 10,000 people every day, were at The Nest i/o recently to talk about their journey. First acquired by Arpatech Ventures and then sold to Rocket Internet at a Silicon Valley valuation, the venture has come a long way since its inception in 2011. The startup has revolutionized how the food industry works and continues to do wonders! Rai is currently a principal at Arpatech and Nauman is the CEO of foodpanda Pakistan and EatOye!

Celebrating the 1st Birthday of The Nest i/o!

Jan 14, 2016

Here's a look back at the fun times and exciting memories we have had with our diverse lot of startups, mentors and tech fraternity as The Nest i/o turns one!

2nd Batch Graduation

Dec 19, 2015

Bidding farewell to the second batch of startups at The Nest i/o with some candid memories!

Raising Money, Understanding Venture Capital, Valuations and Term Sheets

Khurram Zafar

Dec 14, 2015

Khurram Zafar, who is the Executive Director for LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, had a very interactive session at The Nest I/O where he answered individual questions on valuation, vesting and startup challenges and also mentored the teams.

Breaking Stereotypes

Umair Jaliawala

Nov 2, 2015

Trainer Umair Jaliawala from the School of Leadership shared the career objective of the legendary Steve Jobs and did an amazing workshop on Reality Distortion Field. Nestlings had a fun-filled day, breaking stereotypes, jelling with each other and learning a lot about how to pitch their business and take it to next level.

Online Advertising and Google Adwords

Khurram K Jamali

Nov 11, 2015

We had the amazing Khurram K Jamali come in for a jam-packed 4 hour workshop at The Nest i/o on online advertising. The hands-on workshop had Khurram teach a number of tricks and tools to the audience and share advice on using Google Adwords for the best results.

Reality Distortion Field

Umair Jaliawala

Nov 2, 2015

The dynamic Umair Jaliawala of School of Leadership did a super interactive all-day workshop on developing soft skills for our teams. Serious soul searching, stereotypes being broken, perceptions being broadened and expectations being set loose was the order of the day when Umair Jaliawala set the stage at The Nest i/o.

The Brand Story of Tohfay

Shahzad Qureshi

Oct 29, 2015

Tohfay has been delivering happiness since 2001 - Shahzad Qureshi, the co-founder, explained HOW. The interactive and fun session was all about how to develop, name, strategize and market a brand, and Shahzad shared examples of how startups can invest in smart marketing techniques to create hype about a business.

An Introduction to Grants and Funding

Maryam Nusrat Adil

Oct 26, 2015

Mariam Nusrat Adil, a bright star entrepreneur who founded GRID (, a video gaming company for education and development had an amazing talk at The Nest i/o talking about everything from funding to grants! She talked to our startups about realising your dream idea and churning out the right balance of strategy and passion to pursue it. Mariam also works for the World Bank in the US. She also mentored the teams individually after the talk.

Meet the Nestlings – MandiExpress


MandiExpress connects farmers directly to consumers. By buying straight from the Mandi, MandiExpress is providing high quality produce straight to your doorstep and all you have to do is log on and place your order on

Meet the Nestlings – WonderTree


Wonder Tree offers an interactive e-learning platform for special children so that they will be able to educate and train themselves in a better way, providing them academic as well as functional education.

Meet the Nestlings – Everee


Everee helps you rediscover the city you love through offline notifications about the places of your preference. It’s about being connected to your favourite places at home and on the go. It’s about walking through a familiar place and discovering unfamiliar things. It’s about understanding you and to ensure your convenience.

Meet the Nestlings – Those 7 Minutes

Those 7 Minutes

Those 7 Minutes is a content based website, exploring various forms of under-utilised literary content and ways of presenting it. It carries creative, as well as covered content, but with a lot of value addition.

Fundamentals of Building a Startup

Nabeel A. Qadeer

Oct 21, 2015

Nabeel A Qadeer and his team at Plan9 dropped by at The Nest i/o for a quick yet really informative session on revving up and building your startup dream to success! Nabeel talked about incubation benefits, how to draw a timeline for your business and make the most out of every stage of the deal.

Meet the Nestlings – KheloKricket


KheloKricket is Pakistan’s first social hub for the cricket player. They aim to cover cricket matches and give teams a platform where they can display their team news, player profiles, gallery of pictures and videos, scorecards, schedules and a forum to find a suitable opponent.

Meet the Nestlings – Rateker


Rateker is a social app that lets you share and discover honest opinions. It helps you to improve your overall personality through anonymous feedback from your friends, and provides you with a personality profile to showcase.

Life Lessons by Amin Hashwani

Amin Hashwani

Sep 14, 2015

Life Lessons by Amin Hashwani had some very valuable advice for startups on how to kick start their dreams, rev up their startups and adopt a never say never attitude!

Meet the Nestlings – WPJIT


WPJIT is the first WordPress as Service (WpaaS) Managed Solution featuring front end drag and drop builder, point on click, front end updates, security and single click website optimization tools. WPJIT is defining new ways to design and update your website in few minutes.

The Entrepreneurial Story of BlueEX

Imran Baxamoosa

Sep 9, 2015

CEO and Founder of Blue Ex, a logistics and digital solutions company, Imran Baxamoosa dropped by for a candid talk at The Nest i/o. He shared how he began his startup with 4 people and now has a team of 600. The highs, the lows, the pivots and the hard work involved - everything was full of inspiration for the audience.

Meet the Nestlings – Inferential-S


As the usage of internet increases day by day, most of the important information and transactions are done through the use of internet which results in the increasing importance of the security of important information and transactions. Till now, a user is authenticated by what a user knows and this information can be leaked. We are developing a Plug-in to authenticate a user by what they have i.e. his behaviour which will be noted through keystroke dynamics.

Meet the Nestlings – Rent My Car

Rent My Car

Rent My Car (RMC) is Pakistan’s first online car rental marketplace that provides a one-stop solution for vehicle rentals and related services. Through this platform renters will have the accessibility to rent the right-car every time, at their desired location and with the best possible rates.

Taxation and Legal Basics for Startups

Mubariz Siddiqui, Ammar Ather Saeed and Wasif Iqbal

Sep 2, 2015

A hugely informative talk on basic taxation and legal laws for our startups. Mubariz Siddiqui talked about basic legal structures and entities, Ammar Ather Saeed, Partner at Saiduddin and Co, discussed taxation laws in Pakistan & Wasif Iqbal, Manager Accounts and Taxation at Saiduddin & Co. gave an insight on sales tax.

Meet the Nestlings – Daakhla

Daakhla is an online platform containing information on educational institutes, their admission announcements, career counselling and guidance, to enable the students to choose the best study courses, according to market needs and trends.

Meet the Nestlings – Hireonic


Hireonic provides a database of capable candidates already assessed and rated after a series of rigorous evaluations. Through Hireonic, the HR can scout the best talent, and hire after a few quick steps, without missing out on any capable candidate.

Taking Your Startup to the Next Level

Badar Khushnood

Aug 27, 2015

Tete-a-tete with Badar Khushnood is always a phenomenal experience for budding entrepreneurs and startups. The former Country Consultant of Google Pakistan and cofounder of Bramerz gave advice on how to take your startup to the next level, think on your feet and get ahead of the competition by winning the approval of your customers.

Graduation of Batch 1

Jul 31, 2015

As we go down the road to gradation, here is a look-back at some of the best memories we have had with our first catch of Nestlings!

The Battles in an Entrepreneur’s Life

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi

Jul 11, 2015

Inspiration and motivation was the call of the day during an enlightening session by Yousuf Bashir Qureshi on the battles one has to conquer as an entrepreneur. Yousuf reiterated his own story of how he found inspiration and followed after his passion and fought all the criticism and fear he encountered along the way.

Meet the Nestlings – VyvaSync


Viva VyvaSync!! Under the spotlight today is Vyva Sync, a media pre-production and day of shoot planning software that focuses on the television advertising / short video market. VyvaSync allows television commercial producers, music video directors and short film directors to plan their shoots on a platform that is based on storyboarding.

The Art of Shouting

Faraz Hamidi

Jul 4, 2015

The world of advertising is competitive and fierce - you need an equally strong voice that carries through to make your opinion heard! That’s what Faraz Hamidi of The D’Hamidi Partnership taught in his speaker series - the art of marketing, copywriting and branding your business with an edge that makes you stand out!

Meet the Nestlings –

Check out - a price comparison platform that helps consumers make informed decisions and saves time. Smartchoice is offering users a free online service that lets them search and compare broadband, 3G/4G packages.

Creative Chaos: A Story of Entrepreneurship

Umair Aziz

Jun 3, 2015

Umair Aziz, the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of Creative Chaos had an amazing session at The Nest i/o this week on how he started his journey as an entrepreneur and reached the point where he is now! Creative Chaos was recently covered by PBS Newshour as well and Umair shared tips and insight on what should and should not a startup do to achieve success early on.

Digital Marketing for Startups

Badar Khushnood

Mar 5, 2015

The importance of effectively marketing your brand online cannot be emphasised enough. Badar's session highlights the strategies you need to implement for maximum reach and engagement.

Meet the Nestlings – Deliverit


DeliverIt is a same day delivery service with tracking functionality for businesses as well as personal use. It saves time, minimises hassle and makes package delivery more effective and fast for customers and vendors.

Search Engine Optimization

Rafay Qureshi

May 23, 2015

Does your website turn up as the first result in search engines? How can you optimise your website and make it rank higher? What are the basic essentials about SEO that every marketer should know? Rafay Qureshi answers all these questions during his session here at The Nest i/o.

Meet the Nestlings – Investor Lounge

Investor Lounge

Investor Lounge is a financial technology company developing online solutions to help investors make better financial decisions. They empower investors with education, financial information and online financial guidance to help them save and invest wisely.

Meet the Nestlings – Knavix


Lets hear it from Amar Makhdoom, the founder of Knavix - the first maps and location based product in Pakistan with the largest pool of local residential addresses and business listings data. Knavix aims to map not just the main cities but also the remote areas of Pakistan.

Lean Startup Methodology

Atif Azim

Apr 16, 2015

Atif Azim, CEO Venture Dive and cofounding member of DotZero, did a session on Lean Startup Methodology at The Nest i/o that involved everything from mistakes that startups make, innovation accounting tips, pitching essentials and importance of being data driven.

Meet the Nestlings – TeamFYP


Under the spotlight today is TeamFYP, who are building Pakistan’s first online platform to showcase and manage Final Year Projects. By aggregating FYPs on one platform, the team intends to bring students the recognition for their research, give employers the ability to source talent, and provide the industry a medium to post research projects.

Big Data and its Applications

Imran Moinuddin

Mar 27, 2015

Imran Moinuddin is the founder & CEO of NexDegree (Private) Ltd. He specialises in data management & analysis, cloud & infrastructure planning, performance systems and has served clients in all major continents. Here he talks about Big Data and its applications in diverse industry sectors like retail, telecom, education, healthcare and government.

Meet the Nestlings – Sheops


Sheops is a one step destination for women to buy, sell, chat and make friends! It's not just a marketplace but a fun community built on mutual trust and respect. Sell online, buy easily and enjoy the freedom to push products on social media platforms.

Triggering Empathy and Building Community Online

Sahar Habib Ghazi

Mar 24, 2015

Sahar discusses the importance of empathy in online communication and how empathy-based reporting can entirely re-frame not just global perspective on an issue but also the public reaction to it.

Meet the Nestlings – Teddict


Meet the siblings behind Teddict - a peer-to-peer learning portal that is geared to revolutionise the education and tuition system! Ayesha, Abdullah and Asad are home-schooled.They believe that the current education system is broken and kills creativity. In their view Peer-to-peer learning is the answer.

Meet the Nestlings – EjaadTech


The techy EjaadTech boys are our resident geeks, working on some cool hot wheels and designing smart toys for the teens out there! Hear Nasir and Zaid from EjaadTech share their story of how and why they ventured into designing toys and why it is a must have for both kids and their parents!

Meet the Nestlings – The Wedding Planit

The Wedding Planit

'The Wedding Planit' is changing how weddings happen in this country! It is an ecommerce marketplace, aiming to make the bride and groom’s life stress-free and helping them plan their dream wedding in an economical, convenient and fun way.

Opportunities in Online and Mobile Payments

Faisal Khan

Mar 21, 2015

Faisal's talk highlights the need of effective mobile and online payments mechanisms in Pakistan and how they can revolutionize the current banking and payments industry.

Meet the Nestlings – OuzelSystems


Meet the team of 'Fantastic Four' developers from Ouzel Systems - all set to launch a cool new reminders app! Coding dreams into reality with their interactive approach to design, these guys truly mean business when they get their coding act together.

Meet the Nestlings – Capital Valley

Capital Valley

Capital Valley is Pakistan’s first social crowdfunding platform with a ‘Facebook meets Kickstarter’ approach for fundraising. Their startup is trying to connect business ideas and charitable causes to a global reservoir of donors, mentors, customers and talent. Catch them at The Nest i/o today!

Meet the Nestlings –

Sukoon is an online one stop solution that provides home repair and maintenance services. You can book reliable and secure electricians, plumbers and carpenters online. Currently being incubated at the Nest i/o, these guys will make your lives pursukoon!

Being Entrepreneurial

Veqar Ul Islam

Feb 21, 2015

Mr Veqar ul Islam, founder of Touchpoint, CEO of Jafar Business Systems and President of TiE Karachi visited The Nest i/o for an informative and engaging session on developing an entrepreneurial mindset and attitude. His session was fully packed, and the attendees had a great time listening to the inspirational stories that Veqar had to share.

Turning your Entrepreneurial Idea into a Reality

Kalsoom Lakhani

Jan 19, 2015

This is a fast paced workshop by Kalsoom on the fundamentals of turning business passion into a glowing reality. This session focuses on lean startup methodology, translating customer development into traction as well as finding out the key motive behind starting a startup.

Adding the Extra to the Ordinary

Mobeen Ansari

Jan 22, 2015

Mobeen Ansari’s session 'Adding the Extra to the Ordinary' showcases his journey and is packed full of inspiration and insight for the attendees. Mobeen shares his story on how he conquered his hearing impairment and became one of the most creative photojournalists in the country. His photography captures the beauty of Pakistan and he tries to portray a positive image for Pakistan globally.

Understanding the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Pakistan

Jazib Zahir

Jan 2, 2015

This session by Jazib Zahir is especially relevant to incubatees as he discusses how you can make the most of your time at an incubator, what services are available for entrepreneurs as well as the cultural aspects at Tintash that all startups should try and emulate. Jazib is the COO of Tintash and is part of the visiting faculty at LUMS and KSBL.

From Rural Sindh to Silicon Valley

Jahanzeb Sherwani

Jan 1, 2015

Jahanzeb Sherwani, talks about his journey from being a researcher to setting up his own business during this very inspirational session. Jahanzeb is the Founder of iTelePort and co-founder of ScreenHero, a co-working tool that recently merged with Slack.