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Meet the passionate team behind The Nest i/o!


Jehan Ara

The Big Bird @ The Nest i/o

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The powerhouse behind P@SHA and The Nest i/o, Jehan personifies what this space is all about – energy, passion, talent and spirit. The Nest i/o is the culmination of a dream for Jehan, and she is so passionate about the cause and idea behind it that the energy immediately grips you the minute you walk in! Having been an entrepreneur herself, Jehan truly knows what entrepreneurship is about and is forever ready to mentor and guide all those who step inside the Nest i/o. Drop by anytime, and the Big Bird will always greet you with a warm, huge smile from behind her MacBook!


Akash Shaikh

Program Manager @ The Nest i/o

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Akash is an economics major with previous experience in the investment banking industry as a project manager. He is a firm believer in the potential for technology to continuously change lives, and is extremely enthusiastic about global entrepreneurship and technology trends. He is also the founder of a location based mobile app startup in private beta. At The Nest i/o, he is the Program Manager, and works with the startups to help them think critically and apply best practices.

Sabika Abbas

Community & Outreach Manager @ The Nest i/o

Sabika is a graduate of LUMS who has worked in Marketing for over two years. At The Nest I/O, Sabika works closely with our outreach contacts to create and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships.


Munib Puri

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager @ The Nest i/o

With a Masters degree in Finance from the London School of Economics, Munib has worked closely with startups in the past and wishes to be an entrepreneur himself one day. He is also a cricket strategist and dreams to be a traveller who wants to leave behind his mark in the world.


Uzma Ghazanavi

Manager Communications & Research @ The Nest i/o

As Manager Communications & Research, Uzma has the dual task of keeping the creative vibe of the space alive and ensuring our media stories make waves all round! She heads the overall content strategy of The Nest i/o, communication plan for various projects, and takes the lead on our research projects. She is also a die-hard foodie and our resident expert on baked goods.


Filza Maniar

Finance Manager @ The Nest i/o

Handling the accounts for both P@SHA and The Nest i/o, Filza has a professional experience of 5 years and has an ACCA background. She is passionate about numbers, shopping and traveling. Filza loves natural beauty, mountain scenery and lots of colors – one reason that drew her to The Nest i/o was the colorful and fun environment.


Hafsa Jamal

Creative Specialist @ The Nest i/o

Hafsa is a recent graduate from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, and is our secret weapon when it comes to illustrations. She enjoys creative challenges and loves to play with colours and typography. Outside of good design, Hafsa has a deep appreciation for fries and TV show The Office.


Sobia Iqbal Farooqui

Creative Specialist @ The Nest i/o

Sobia, a creative storyteller and a communication specialist with over two years experience of delivering creative solutions to the top brands in the country, firmly believes that design and technology can save the world. At The Nest i/o, Sobia is our Creative Specialist and works closely with startups in helping them build their communication and brand image.


Hamna Haqqi

Video Content Developer @ The Nest i/o

Currently pursuing her Masters in Advertising, Hamna is the video content developer at The Nest I/O. She loves telling stories through her camera and is quite passionate about winning at Sequence. Hamna works closely with the incubated teams and produces their startup videos.  She dreams of directing her own Feature one day!


Jazeb ul Haq

Content Associate @ The Nest i/o

A business graduate from LUMS, Jazeb is the self-styled writer-in-residence at The Nest I/O, who would like to think his role is more than just coming up with synonyms for ‘innovation’. As part of his role, he tries to help young startups create compelling and meaningful narratives around their brand. Talk to him about branding or tell him a good story.


Shahbaz Haider

Social Media Executive @ The Nest i/o

Shahbaz is our resident shutterbug. You’ll see him around the space, searching for the best photo-ops and giving the world a sneak peak into the world of entrepreneurship. When he isn’t making hashtags trend across the country, he can be found keeping tabs on current affairs and answering questions about his hair.


Mahrukh Mohsin

Operations & Content Associate @ The Nest i/o

Every team needs saving, and Mahrukh is our personal superhero of operations. Our most versatile team member, Mahrukh helps out everyone in the team and assists them on ongoing projects. In true superhero spirit, her Clark Kent is a writer, and she is often found typing away at the keyboard working on a blogpost or wracking her brain for the perfect tagline.