The Nest I/O Welcomes its Sixth Batch of Startups



This new batch of budding entrepreneurs at The Nest I/O are working on products that are more diverse and include everything ranging from a new type of denim fabric to a communication platform for the deaf and mute community. While some startups are aiming to make the world a better place, others are more focused on providing solutions to commercial and consumer problems.       


From working on a viable business model to penetrating the market, the startups are trained and assisted to handle their future business ventures and grow their startups to become more successful businesses. By attending various sessions with technology, business and legal experts and indulging in team building activities to help convert their ideas into concrete businesses, The Nest I/O provides a safe and creative space for startups to utilize free of cost resources, develop business plans and effectively execute them.


With this sixth batch, the total number of incubated startups is well over 100, out of which an increasing number of co-founders are women. Moreover, The Nest I/O, along with its teams, has achieved over 200 mentions in local and international media including Forbes, Bloomberg, and PBS NewsHour and has been featured in various print and digital publications in a short span of 30 months.




  • Urdu OCR: Urdu OCR is a converter which helps users to convert an Urdu text image into digital text, allowing the user to better work with text in Urdu.


  • Top5:Top5 is an experience sharing platform, allowing users to rate and review different businesses, making it easier to differentiate between popular and unpopular services as seen by consumers.


  • Recrudio: Recrudio is Pakistan’s first video resume web portal which assists companies to find a more suitable candidate for their company.


  • EZValet: A SaaS Valet application that aims to optimize the valet workflow for the users making their travel less time consuming and less stressful.


  • Rolaak: Rolaak is a one-stop portal for Pakistan’s breathtaking destinations by providing people with resources to help plan their trip better.
  • Thekaydaar: A technological reform in the traditional “thekaydaari” system and providing one stop shop for all the construction services.


  • Nu-Track: Nu-Track provides 5 diet meals at home to promote a more healthy lifestyle, along with daily exercise goals and resources to maintain a more fit way of life.


  • Intelghar: Intelghar offers a wireless water tank management system which completely automates the overhead water tank filling process thus eliminating the need to manually operate water pump.


  • Weft and Warp: Weft and Warp offers a unique range of accessories and clothing handmade by the finest craftsmen employing innovative techniques in augmenting the aesthetics of denim fabric while retaining its evergreen characteristics which has made denim stand out from all other fabrics since its inception.


  • ConnectHear: ConnectHear is a social entrepreneurial startup that aims to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and mute people and the community at large by setting up a sign language interpretation system, connecting sign language interpreters with the deaf and mute.


  • Tutor Friend: Tutor Friend is a platform to connect students abroad to tutors based in Pakistan for a better and more informational educational session.  


  • IoTIFY: IoTIFY allows homeowners to keep a track of their energy consumption to help adopt a more energy efficient lifestyle by using a home energy monitor.


  • Medillect: Medillect is a smart disease detection, personal healthcare monitoring and surveillance system, allowing users to have a more healthy lifestyle.   


  • Asaan Taleem: Asaan Taleem is a social venture with the mission of promoting education in Pakistan by providing various resources to help the students with their subjects.


  • Pakscoop: Pakscoop is a video production company which specializes in creating infotainment content.


  • GoodsBuy: GoodsBuy is an online platform where anyone can put their business on the internet.


  • Detect and Diagnose: Detect and Diagnose is a computer aided system designed for doctors and radiologists for the detection and identification of abnormalities in the chest computed tomography scans.


  • Travoney (Pvt.) Limited: Travoney is Pakistan’s first crowd-shipping application, helping travellers and senders connect on a single platform to ensure secure and timely deliveries at reasonable rates.


  • Maya’s Closet: Maya’s closet sells branded children’s clothes, shoes, toys and accessories using a web based portal and delivers them to the consumer within 72 hours, preferably through cash on delivery.


  • LockAplot: LockAplot is an online real estate platform that fastens buyers, sellers and agents together. It is loaded with all of the tools that one of the aforementioned parties may require. It makes lives easier for the buyers as they can view the detailed profiles of any premise or real estate that they may like without making the physical journey there.


  • The Mural Factory: The mural factory provides stylish yet catchy art pieces directly painted on the walls.

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