The Nest I/O Introduces Batch 6 Startups at Hangout Hour


WIth an attendance of over a 100 people, the hangout hour guest list included entrepreneurs, students looking for internships, and other experienced professionals looking for something new. Hangout Hour began at 4:00 PM on Friday with a meet and greet session followed by 30-second introductory pitches given by Batch 6 startups. These included 20 internal and external startups, all of whom introduced their products and stated what they needed to grow their teams. Some of The Nest I/O alumni in search of good employee and talented interns also joined in the pitching session.


Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and The Nest I/O commented, “We were really excited to see the turnout at Hangout Hour. More than a 100 people had turned up, without us spending anything on advertising. It is at events like these you realize how much diverse talent there is in this country. If more opportunities like these could be created for them to engage and network with peers and like-minded people, and share knowledge, the resulting impact of collaborative efforts could be mind-boggling.”


The Networking continued long after the pitching session was over as our startups and other participants exchanged ideas and contacts with each other. The Hangout Hour is one of the many networking sessions hosted by The Nest I/O to bring together the startup community and connect the right person with the right startup. Current batch of startups will be incubated at The Nest I/O for 4 months where they will learn the skills needed to build and grow their startup ventures. Batch 6 incubatees includes startups that are not only working on solving social problems through creative thinking and technology but also those who have the potential to change the way business is conducted. Some of these startups include ConnectHear, a social startup with the aim to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and mute community and the society, IntelGhar that is working on a wireless water tank management system that completely automates the overhead water tank filling process, The Mural Factory which provides a platform to every individual to express themselves through mural work, some IoT ventures, a few ed tech ventures and a variety of other innovative products.

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