Vendor Manager



About the Company:

We make buying fresh produce easy by connecting farmers and wholesalers directly to customers. Imagine a world where no one ever calls you on your way back from home to ask you to bring that little bit of garlic or those bread and eggs that keep finishing. Where you don’t have to take time out to go get your favorite cheese or buy fruits from that one place that has the best avocados. This is what Mandi Express is doing. Through our initiative farmers get paid more, our customers get cheaper, higher quality, fresher produce and we make a living as well. We recently received the award for the best innovation in supply chain in Asia for our efforts in digitizing the procurement of fresh produce straight from farmers.  


How we’re doing that?

  • We are connecting local farmers directly with consumers.
  • A team of expert buyers procure produce straight from the mandi, farms, and various wholesale markets.
  • Team of data scientists, software engineers and web developers are automating systems consistently.


Job Brief:

We are currently growing rapidly and are developing an industry that has never been developed before. Due to this we now require a dedicated resource who can manage our vendors. This includes everything from researching good options for our different lines of produce as well as managing relationships with vendors who will become our partners and sell their produce online. All steps involved to vet, acquire, price, and ensure timely procurement with quality will fall under the realm of this role. A great focus on going organic in the future will mean quite some travelling and know how on the happenings in the organic realm in Pakistan. We are looking for a team player who can multi task, has attention to detail and is very process oriented. The role will evolve to a senior manager position where they will then manage resources to accomplish these tasks as the company grows its offerings.   


Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Strong willed, street smart with a background in supply chain, logistics, operations management and technology
  • Foodie – Techie – Entrepreneur at heart
  • Hard working individual with a desire to be a leader
  • Undergraduate or MBA with a GPA over 3.0
  • Go getter attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Very process minded
  • Leadership qualities and ability to manage a large team
  • Very good organizational skills
  • Ability to multi task


Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing vendors
    • Learn the E-Commerce process that starts from customer acquisition and goes through the PR, PO, Receiving to Delivery Status – Paid, Delivered and Complete.
    • Assist with vendor acquisition and daily processing
  • Tracking & Monitoring – Inventory management, pricing, profit analysis & quality control
  • E-Commerce software handling to log and update stock daily
  • Vendor relations – ensure we have good relations with our suppliers
  • Farm visits and negotiating deals (optional – if this is of interest to you)


To Apply:

  1. Send your linkedin profile, cover letter and CV to Please enter the Job title “Vendor Manager,” in the subject line of your email and fill out the form below (you must fill the form to be considered for this position).
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