React Developer

Save My Scope is a Health Care startup, targeting the US market. We’re visually the advancing the future of healthcare, through our innovative adapter and HIPAA-compliant app. With our system we can transform any laryngoscope and iPhone pair into an examination recording device.

With our base of operations in the US, Save My Scope is focused on data integrity and data privacy. We follow HIPAA guidelines and are working towards compliance.

As a React developer at Save My Scope, you will work with our team in developing and shipping a high quality product. If you love building products, this is the job for you. You will be implementing complex user interface flows and working with our backend team in implementing web services and keeping the app compliant with regards to HIPAA guidelines. We are using Redux to handle state, so you should be comfortable with functional programming.

Skills Required:
– React (Important)
– ES6 (Important)
– Redux (Important)
– Web services implementation using REST (Important)
– Source control using Git (Important)

If interested, please email your CV to, if you have a Github profile or personal website with projects, please include that in your email.