Marketing Manager



About the Company:

We make buying fresh produce easy by connecting farmers and wholesalers directly to customers. Our competitive advantage is in direct procurement which allows us to get better quality (due to less time travelled through the supply chain and expert buyers) and cheaper prices due to aggregation of hundred of orders. Through our initiative farmers get paid more, our customers get cheaper, higher quality, fresher produce and we help to develop the agriculture industry. We recently received the award for the best innovation in supply chain in Asia for our efforts in digitizing the procurement of fresh produce straight from farmers.  


How we’re doing that?

  • We are connecting local farmers directly with consumers.
  • A team of expert buyers procure produce straight from the mandi.
  • Team of data scientists are automating systems


Job Responsibilities

We’re looking for a Growth Hacker to lead our marketing team at Mandi Express. In this role, you’ll be fully managing Mandi Express social profiles and be the voice of the brand online along with seeking new ways to connect and help our online community. As a Growth Hacker, you should be able to use the various social platforms to knit together the different parts of a message and communicate a story. Be it, letting the customers know about a new feature on the website through a Tweet or a Snapchat story or telling our brand story through various social platforms. You should also be able to analyze and evaluate social media campaigns on various platforms.


Our Ideal Candidate

Someone who is skilled in the art of growth hacking and is well versed with using the many digital tools available in the market to achieve high results. Person must be able to think outside the box, have high empathy, high EQ and a track record of success in the E-Commerce business.


Key Responsibilities

  • Show strong results in terms of growing and maintaining customers
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Retention
  • Connect customer pain points with Mandi Express solutions through marketing
  • Liaise with customer success and various teams and system to gather data to make informed decisions and and craft strategies
  • Keep up to date on changing fresh produce trends in terms of products and pricing
  • Create, review and execute strategies (which include content plan)
  • Work on growth hacking strategies and execute
    • Hypothesize
    • Execute
    • Collect data
    • Incorporate feedback and data to adjust strategy
    • Iterate
  • Constant improvement of processes
  • Manage team and be able to maintain their own team


Skills Required

  • Foodie + Techie
  • Positive attitude and detail oriented with multitasking capability
  • Be able to think and write creatively
  • Be process-driven
  • Fluency in English speaking and writing
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Intelligence
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Experienced in using ATL + BTL to craft strategies
  • Ability to use multiple social media platforms
  • Ability to use social media management tools
  • Experienced with using marketing automation technology
  • A passion for storytelling



Undergraduate or MBA in Marketing/Communications/Advertising or related field with a CGPA above 3

Required Experience

Minimum 2 – 4  years of growth hacking

Salary: Market competitive

To Apply:

  1. Please fill out form:
  2. Send your linkedin profile, cover letter and CV to Please enter the Job title in the subject line of your email.


Note – only applicants who have filled out the form will be considered for the position.