Customer Success Intern to Manager Position


About the Company:

We make buying fresh produce easy by connecting farmers and wholesalers directly to customers. Imagine a world where no one ever calls you on your way back from home to ask you to bring that little bit of garlic or those bread and eggs that keep finishing. Where you don’t have to take time out to go get your favorite cheese or buy fruits from that one place that has the best avocados. Through our initiative farmers get paid more, our customers get cheaper, higher quality, fresher produce and we make a living as well. We recently received the award for the best innovation in supply chain in Asia for our efforts in digitizing the procurement of fresh produce straight from farmers.  

How we’re doing that?

  • We are connecting local farmers directly with consumers.
  • A team of expert buyers procure produce straight from the mandi.
  • Team of data scientists are automating systems


Job Brief

Excellent customer service is the hallmark of a successful company. This position requires a very positive attitude, attention to detail, amenable communication demeanor, a good knowledge of the products that we offer (which we will teach you) and the ability to problem solve quickly. This position requires working closely with operations and marketing and so having a team mentality is crucial. Working closely with marketing and operations means that if you have a flair for one of the above you will get a chance to explore other positions as well. Our customers develop a strong bond with Customer Success Associates as they are the voice of Mandi Express so we want people that believe in what we are doing, want to continuously improve customer satisfaction and have a love for food.


Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Strong communication, influencing and objection handling skills
  • Customer-focused with the ability to multi-task and think out of the box
  • Hard working individual with a desire to be a leader
  • Tech-savvy
  • Foodie

Key Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with and develop customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty
  • Communicate with and ensure customers are satisfied with the quality of products and our service
  • Forward any areas of customer dissatisfaction to the operations team
  • Keep track of all customer complaints, follow-up with operations and ensure that they are resolved
  • Work with marketing to create schemes that create brand loyalty
  • Working with online systems and the website back end


To Apply:

  1. Send your linkedin profile, cover letter and CV to Please enter the Job title “CS Intern to Manager Position” in the subject line of your email and fill out the form below (you must fill the form to be considered for this position).
  2. Fill out form:

Compensation: Salary will be market competitive.