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product dev

Product Development Basics for Tech Startups

Equally important for techies and non techies, this session was conducted by Talha Izhar, CEO of Jus’ Planit, who highlighted the basics one should know about when setting up a tech business. He talked about the tools and technologies to use, infrastructure and technicalities and then shared some really valuable project management and progress tracking advice. The session ended with an assignment by Talha where the teams had to make a complete project plan, mind map and design a feature document.

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Startup Tax and Legal Strategies by Mubariz Siddiqui and Saiduddin & Co.

Mubariz Siddiqui, Advocate High Court kicked off the session by giving an overview of legal structures and entities that can be incorporated in Pakistan. Ammar Ather Saeed, Partner at Saiduddin and Co, talked about taxation laws in Pakistan, how to file an NTN number, the types of taxes individuals and companies are liable to pay and the consequences of not paying them. Mr Wasif Iqbal, Manager Accounts and Taxation at Saiduddin & Co. gave our teams an insight on sales tax.

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Design Research: Personas and Stakeholders by Amir Mirza

Amir Mirza’s workshop on design strategy & human interaction design helped our teams get a more broader perspective on developing their startup. Amir is also part of visiting faculty for subjects like Design for Social Change and Interaction Design at KU, SZABIST and IVS.

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human centered design

Human Centered Interaction Design & Problem Definition by Amir Mirza

Our teams get their design strategy in place – thanks to a session on human-centered design conducted by Mr Amir Mirza, Co-Founder & Project Director of Amal, a social enterprise working on Life Skills, Mental Health and Education through training, e/m learning and design.

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Scaling on AWS – From MVP to 100 million users by Muhammad Umair Khalid

A very interesting and informative session for startups on how to scale and take their business to the cloud!

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Accessing Growth Equity Capital by Isfandiyar Shaheen

How do you value a startup in Pakistan? How does one go about assigning value to a cash flow negative business without too many assets? Why are investors so indecisive, unreasonable and greedy when it comes to valuations?

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Achieving Success Through Enhanced Customer Engagement by Javaid Iqbal

Javaid Iqbal, global engagement leader at, talked about his own experience as well as gave global examples of how companies have ventured to new heights of success by paying attention to customer service.

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Sneaky Selling Workshop by Ayesha Bhatti

Ayesha’s engaging and highly informative session was based on the ways you can use the psychological framework of your customers to launch your product into the right target market.

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Lean Startup Methodology by Atif Azim

Atif Azim, CEO Venture Dive conducted a session on Lean Startup Methodology at The Nest i/o where he talked about how to successfully set and lead a startup, what are the common mistakes that all entrepreneurs make and what challenges and risks should all startups be ready for!

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Big Data and its Applications by Imran Moinuddin

Imran Moinuddin had an insightful discussion with the audience on Big data and its applications in healthcare, telecom, Government, retail and education.

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Product Development by Shahrukh Chaudhary

Shahrukh Chaudhary is the CEO of His session covered everything from chalking that basic idea to building a product around it and then moulding it according to the customer demand and requirements.

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Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan’s Presentation on Online and Mobile Payments

Faisal Khan, banking, payments and Fintech consultant and top Quora writer gave a presentation at The Nest i/o on effective mobile and online payments mechanisms in Pakistan and how they can revolutionize the current banking and payments industry.

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Web Development for Startups by Sameer Ahmed Khan

Sameer Ahmed Khan from Ouzel Systems, one of our incubatees at The Nest i/o, conducted a 2 hour workshop for all our teams on web development.

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Pitch Workshop by Rumaisa Mughal

The essentials of crafting a pitch explained step by step during a hands-on workshop by our Entrepreneur-in-residence, Rumaisa Mughal.

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Size Does Matter! by Hareem Sumbul

Hareem’s session elaborated successful scaling and how to do it, and helped startups realize how and when they should scale and expand their business and whether it is necessary or not.

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