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  • The successful candidates will be informed/notified about the next steps via email. Make sure you provide the correct email addresses of all your team members
  • For those selected startups that have to relocate to Karachi for the program, need to bear all expenses related to the relocation and working out of The Nest i/o


  • The program is 4 months long
  • The program is based in Karachi and the office is open Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm
  • The Nest i/o only incubates products and not services. What's the difference? Products are scalable in nature. In terms of technology, it is the ability of a tech product (hardware or software) to continue to function well when it (or its context) is changed in size or volume in order to meet a user need.
  • Minimum criteria for being a part of IIP: The startup needs to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Please note that only-ideas will not be entertained.
  • Time & commitment: Please note that the co-founders of the startup need to be working out of The Nest i/o during the incubation period. Employees and interns are not counted as team representatives.
  • Maximum number of team members per team that can be stationed at The Nest i/o at a given time are 4 (subject to availability of space).
There are two types of programs at The Nest i/o - Internal Incubation Program (IIP) and External Incubation Program (EIP). IIP is for early stage startups and requires a full time commitment at The Nest i/o. The IIP program individuals are also provided office space. EIP is for startups that have already launched or are ready with their product - they work remotely with The Nest i/o out of their own respective office space. The admission into each of the program depends on the nature and stage of the startup and its viability. Please tick accordingly.


This is the city that the team is based in. Please note that if you are selected for the IIP, the team needs to be based in Karachi for the program. So if you get selected and you don't live in Karachi, you must decide to move to Karachi for the duration of the program. This IIP is not remote in nature. Those people who are applying for the EIP program can be based outside Karachi and the above rule does not apply to them.


Please enter in this format for each of the team members: Name, email address, contact number. E.g. Junaid Umair,, 0300-8299821
Includes founders, employees, interns, etc
This will help us best understand the strength of your team

E.g If you are building a product for the health sector, does someone in your team have a medical background? Other areas of domain expertise including legal, education, fintech, etc.

This will help us best understand the strength of your team


This part is the most important part of the application - Use it to tell us what your product does. Be precise and direct.

Please note that when you come to pitch at The Nest i/o, you will be asked to show a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This can be a prototype, a demo, a website, or anything that tests the basic functionality of your product.