Pitching to Win!


Karachi’s Tech Talent Arrived at The Nest i/o for the Ultimate ‘Clash of the Startups!’

We have always known our country is brimming with talent, creativity and tons of innovative ideas, and yet we weren’t expecting to see such an amazing turnout of tech startups and entrepreneurs at our first official Pitch Day on February 6th, 2015 at The Nest i/o.


Applications started pouring in as soon as the word was out that we were on the hunt for our first batch of Nestlings. We were specifically looking for people who didn’t just have an idea but a ‘Minimum Viable Product’. The shortlisted batch of more than 30 teams were then invited to The Nest i/o for a pitch and Q&A with our judges.

Judges for the Pitch Day

Shahjahan Chaudhry – Chief Strategist at Team::ants, Munir Usman -CEO PiLabs and Remote Interview, Jamal Khan -Founder ArpaTech and Muhammad Mehdi Hussain -Senior Elastician at Elastica formed the judging panel.

The Teams put in 100% effort to Impress our Judges!


Each team was given 3 minutes to pitch their idea to the judges and then respond to their questions. It was really overwhelming to see how these young teams were so passionate and driven about their startups and this made it all the more difficult for our judges to shortlist the ones who would be incubated at The Nest i/o. The judges asked questions about the viability and scalability of the product, the revenue model that the teams had devised and their plans on taking the venture forward. Every startup was awarded points on specific parts of their pitch presentation, including the uniqueness of their idea, clarity of vision and its problem solving approach.

After a rigorous pitching session that lasted more than 4 hours, a select number of teams with the highest cumulative scores were shortlisted for a 6 day challenge at The Nest i/o to evaluate their commitment and dedication to their respective business ideas.

It was decided that throughout the six day challenge, the teams would attend sessions, talk to mentors and keep working on their startups. Once the week ended, the teams would present to the judges once again reflecting upon what they learnt and whether they were ready to take their products to the next level.

And the First Batch of Nestlings is Revealed!

The ‘Day of Judgment’ finally arrived and the selected teams  pitched again in front of our judges panel at the completion of their one week trial incubation period.


This time around, the pitching, as well as the judging criteria was a little different. The teams had to show their progress, i.e. what they had learnt from the various one-on-one mentoring sessions and how far they had come during the six day challenge. Following this pitch they had a one on one talk with the judges where they received feedback and comments on polishing their respective ventures and tweaking them a bit for best results. Finally, the first batch of nestlings were shortlisted and welcomed on board to begin their flight skyward!


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