Entrepreneurial culture in Pakistan thrives as 13 more diverse startups graduate from The Nest i/o

Graduation Batch 2

The second batch of startup technology businesses includes apps and web platforms for reviving street cricket, ordering fresh, organic produce at home, discovering shops and restaurants on the go and educating special children

(Karachi) (December 19, 2015) – The second cycle of incubation at The Nest i/o, P@SHA’s Tech incubator, has come to an end and 13 diverse startups have graduated. A press conference and graduation ceremony for the second cohort was held on December 19 at The Nest i/o to introduce the graduating businesses to the media.

On this occasion, Jehan Ara, the President of P@SHA and Big Bird at The Nest i/o, talked about the talented teams, all of whom have a lot of potential, have started innovative businesses and are creating jobs for other young people like themselves. “The more businesses we incubate at The Nest i/o, the more we realize that there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan, particularly in the technology sector. This batch of teams have proven yet again that people from all sorts of backgrounds can come together to grow, learn and take their dream forward, and we are here to help them make that happen.”

The Nest i/o provides budding entrepreneurs with space, testing devices, mentoring, a specialized curriculum, access to investors and to a vast network of business people. It also provides them with an opportunity to form life-long friendships with individuals like themselves.

A project of P@SHA, The Nest i/o was set up in partnership with global partners Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, and with a supporting grant from the US State Department.

The graduating startup businesses in this cycle include Hireonic, a portal to streamline technical recruitment thus saving recruiters many man-hours, MandiExpress, an online marketplace for ordering fresh, organic produce straight from the farm, Wondertree, a platform using Augmented Reality games to address the challenges of special children, Rateker, a social app for sharing anonymous feedback, RentMyCar, an online car rental marketplace, Those 7 Minutes, a content generation website, KheloKricket, Pakistan’s first social hub for cricket players, Everee, a discovery app with offline notifications, Inferential-S, a security authentication solution based on keystroke dynamics, WPJIT, a WordPress website management plugin, IOTechnica, a startup designing products based on the Internet of Things, Daakhla.pk, a portal to find admissions in top universities and eTuitionHub, an online learning platform with teachers from around the world.

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List of Startup Businesses Graduating out of The Nest i/o


MandiExpress connects farmers directly to consumers. By buying straight from the Mandi, MandiExpress is providing high quality produce straight to your doorstep and all you have to do is log on and place your order on www.mandiexpress.pk.

Visit Website: www.mandiexpress.pk

Email: j.chaudhri@gmail.com, danyaal.balkhi@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @MandiExpressPK


Rateker is a social app that lets you share and discover honest opinions. It helps you to improve your overall personality through anonymous feedback from your friends, and provides you with a personality profile to showcase.

Visit Website: https://beta.rateker.com

Email: adilmalik393@gmail.com, malik.junaid27@gmail.com, shehzadmakingit@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @RatekerApp


Hireonic by Vortechs Innovations provides a database of capable candidates already assessed and rated after a series of rigorous evaluations. Through Hireonic, the HR can scout the best talent, and hire in just a few quick steps, without missing out on any capable candidate.

Visit Website: http://www.hireonic.com

Email: talha@vortechs.io, umair@vortechs.io, usama@vortechs.io


Daakhla.pk is an online platform containing information on educational institutes, their admission announcements, career counselling and guidance, to enable the students to choose the best study courses, according to market needs and trends.

Visit Website: http://beta.daakhla.pk

Email: syed.ahmadhussain1@gmail.com, misbah42101@gmail.com, osama.tauseef.alam@gmail.com


WonderTree offers an interactive e-learning platform for special children that educates and trains them in a better way, providing them academic as well as functional education. They are developing augmented reality games for special children too that enhance cognitive skills.

Visit Website: http://www.wondertree.co

Email:  mw.waqas@hotmail.com, ahmedb1851@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @WonderTreeCo

Those 7 Minutes

Those 7 Minutes is a content based website, exploring various forms of under-utilised literary content and ways of presenting it. It carries creative, as well as covered content, but with a lot of value addition.

Visit Website: http://www.those7minutes.com

Email: tejani.quratulain@gmail.com, tejani.seema@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @those7minutes


KheloKricket is Pakistan’s first social hub for the cricket player. They aim to cover cricket matches and give teams a platform where they can display their team news, player profiles, gallery of pictures and videos, scorecards, schedules and a forum to find a suitable opponent.

Visit Website: http://www.khelokricket.com.pk

Email: hadeelobaid89@gmail.com, taimur49@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @KheloKricket


WPJIT is the first WordPress as service (WpaaS) managed solution featuring front end drag and drop builder, Point on click, front end updates, security and single click website optimization tools. WPJIT is defining new ways to design and update your website in few minutes.

Visit Website: http://www.wpjit.com

Email: engrusman101@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @wpjit


Everee helps you rediscover the city you love. It’s about being connected to your favourite places at home and on the go. It’s about walking through a familiar place and discovering unfamiliar things.

Visit Website: http://everee.io

Email: babar.saeed@everee.io, muneeb.fazal@everee.io , salman.anis@everee.io


IOTechnica is designing products based on IoT (Internet of Things) that will provide quick access to all the tech around you, it can even make your plant talk to you wirelessly when it feels thirsty.

Email: arsalanstien@gmail.com, asgharmusani@gmail.com


eTutionHub is an idea inspired by the vision of online education with the essential concept of synchronous student-teacher feedback. It is a learning platform that lets you connect with great tutors anywhere around the world.

Visit Website: http://www.etutionhub.com

Email: mzimran93@gmail.com, sosaidhaq@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @etutionhub

Rent My Car

Rent My Car (RMC) is Pakistan’s first online car rental marketplace that provides a one-stop solution for vehicle rentals and related services. Through this platform renters will have the accessibility to rent the right-car every time, at their desired location and with the best possible rates.

Email: adilnaeemsharif@gmail.com, physal83@gmail.com


Usually users are authenticated by what they know and this information can be leaked. Inferential-S is developing a security plugin to authenticate a user by who they are i.e. their behavior which will be noted through keystroke dynamics.

Visit Website: http://inferentials.net

Email: hassaanmustafa90@gmail.com, m.sohail187@gmail.com

Tweet to them: @inferential_s

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