Product Development – The Shahrukh Chaudhary Way!


From packaging your product to making it stand out while marketing – Shahrukh teaches our teams how to woo customers and create that wow factor!

The name Shahrukh Chaudhary needs no introduction in the retail world. He started HomeExpress and Team::ants with his brother Shahjahan, and his company is one of the most popular and sought-after names in the e-commerce world.


Shahrukh is one of our key mentors at The Nest i/o, and he is ever-ready to share his own entrepreneurial experience and advice with our teams. This time around, we roped him in to talk about how to develop a product – how to fine tune the features, fix impending issues and make the launch a win-win for maximum leads and engagement! And, as expected, he delivered.

Have you decided on a Vision already?

One of the main reasons why a majority of startups fail to take a fight is the lack of vision and objective. Shahrukh started his discussion with a soul searching exercise – finding the motivation behind starting your startup.

“Zoom in on an objective – decide what you want to do and then start building”

When you know what your destination and end goal is, the journey to get there becomes far more easy and do-able. Plus, you are then working not for yourself but for the end user, and this makes your product all the more exciting and attractive for your consumer! Shahrukh gave the teams tips on how to sketch a game plan, how much time to spend on market research and customer analysis and then how to pivot an idea and make it more viable and structured for guaranteed success!

Add some Love to your Products – Its the Design that Matters!


Average is passe – according to Shahrukh you need to make your design the best aspect of your product. Whether its your digital presence or the actual look and feel of the product itself, if it looks irresistible the user will automatically have a hard time saying no to it!

“Go for an MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) and NOT MVP! If the user does not fall in love with your product, there is no point launching it!”

Giving global examples of brands and their UI/UX, Shahrukh elaborated how a little tweaking in the design details can make a startup stand out even in a highly competitive market.

The Devil is in the Details!

You may have spent hours on getting all the bugs removed and the code running seamlessly for your app – but it can all backfire if you have ignored a small thing like placement of buttons correctly or using brand colors wisely.  According to Shahrukh, the mantra is to DIY and test your product like you are not the owner but the customer. Get critical, get into the finer details and make sure you hit every little detail on the checklist before you make your service live!

‘Pay attention to detail! Its the smaller things that can make a big difference to your product!’


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