Mentors, Founders and Techies Come Together on Valentine’s Day at The Nest i/o!


The Nest i/o turned into a networking haven for our incubatees as well as for the community on Valentine’s Day as we hosted a fun meetup event – Date a [Insert Occupation Here].

At The Nest i/o, we believe that networking is as important as mentoring. For this very reason, our focus is not just on getting our teams in touch with mentors but also making sure they are provided with ample networking opportunities throughout their 4 month incubation period at The Nest i/o.

One such very exciting and very interactive meetup happened on Valentine’s Day!


This public event for designers, developers, founders, marketeers and content writers of the city gave them a chance to come and explore The Nest i/o, meet counterparts and share insights with our in-house incubated teams working on their startup ventures and discussing potential future collaborations that could be fruitful for both of them.

And that’s not all! Also in attendance were some of our mentors including Adil Moosajee, CEO of Ego and The East End as well as social media marketing guru Faisal Kapadia who is the Social Media Director at Mind Map.

The attendees had a great time mingling with like-minded individuals, discussing ideas and plans on taking their startups forward and getting some useful tips and much-needed guidance from experts and trainers who have already done it all before.

Our Networking Board Steals the Limelight!


Networking at the Nest i/o didn’t just stop at the event – another highlight was our ‘networking board’ –  a kind of a mini job portal for both our incubatees as well as the visitors.

The idea was simple – incubatees looking for team members pasted their requirements and contact details on the board while visitors put their profiles on the board with their contact information. This enabled potential team members, co-founders or employees to connect with each other. This innovative classified section was the focal point throughout the 3 hour event and by the end of the day was filled with some very interesting profiles!

All in all, the event was a raving success and a couple of our teams are already in discussions with developers and designers whom they met that day. It is these kinds of events and networking opportunities that make The Nest i/o a much needed platform to facilitate the growth of the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.

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