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Who We Are

We are a startup that creates culturally-relevant stickers for the Pakistani audience that users can share with their friends and family over text.


What We Do
Our app provides users with a collection of beautifully illustrated and culturally-relevant ‘desi’ Pakistani stickers embedded in their whatsapp and other social media platforms.


Who We Help

We want to help make it easier for the WhatsApp generation to communicate with each other and express themselves better by making use of our culturally-relevant stickers!  


Our Secret Sauce

With most chat platforms not offering locally-relevant stickers, our original, lovingly-crafted, culturally-relevant stickers have already generated a buzz within the market with almost a 1000 downloads of our app across both Android and iOS, and that too with minimal marketing.

Team Members


Aiesha Pervaiz


Gulzar Fatima


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