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Tilism Technologies (Pvt) Limited

Who We Are

Tilism Technologies believes in harnessing the immense riches of tech-based talent in Pakistan. Our venture, TelloTalk, hopes to become to Pakistan what WeChat is to China.

What We Do

TelloTalk is Pakistan’s own robust and feature-rich communications platform created for scalable Peer-to-Peer and Business-to-Customers interactions.

Who We Help

TelloTalk empowers businesses to complement their traditional SMS-based engagements with customers with fully customizable, teleco-independent multimedia messages with comprehensive deliver and receipt reports, with the added option to customize the app to meet the organization’s demands.

Our Secret Sauce

We are a Pakistani messenger app that allows people the freedom to communicate in their own regional language, browse local content, with payment services that are compatible in Pakistan. Download the Android version here. Download the iOS version here.

Team Members


Usman Sheikh


Arshad Ashraf