Sehatmand Mustaqbil

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Sehatmand Mustaqbil

Who We Are

We are a group of engineering graduates hoping to tackle the challenge of implementing telemedicine solutions in Pakistan.

What We Do

We will be setting up telemedicine facilitation units in the rural and underserved communities. The facilitation unit will be using ICT enabled to provide medical consultation by connecting doctors with patients.

Who We Help

By connecting doctors to patients, we increase access to healthcare facilities for the underprivileged and bring Pakistan one step closer to a Sehatmand Mustaqbil.

Our Secret Sauce

We see our task as one of bringing technology to the economic backwaters of the country. Instead of being tech-focused, our core ethos is of retaining a decidedly human touch in our dealings with patients.

Team Members


Hammad Nafees


Ammar Lakhani