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Who We Are

We are a young group of tech enthusiasts who want to use VR to revolutionize the way we visualize architectural models.

What We Do

We intend on making a VR app where the user can visualize a real estate property (before actual construction takes place) with real-time exploration and interaction.

Who We Help

The real estate industry can save millions on the manufacture of a model apartment. Architects can use it to present their architectural designs to their potential clients. Contractors can use it present VR mock-ups of their project to homeowners. The only limit to its potential uses is our own imagination. We have already held productive talks with builders such as Emaar, Saima, Fazaia and Brentwood.

Our Secret Sauce

We are the pioneers of VR in real estate visualization and our rigorous technological grounding ensures that we stay one step ahead of our competitors in the property visualization space.

Team Members


Anas Khan


Mudassir Khan