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Who We Are

We are technology professionals who have dedicated the last 2 years working on a prototype that could finally solve Pakistan’s energy crisis.

What We Do

Unbalanced load from electricity supply is responsible for an estimated power loss of about 20%. We believe we have a solution. Deploying a hardware-level implementation of an IOT in the power devices, we have developed a Three-phase Load Balancer (patent pending).

Who We Help

A nominal investment of PKR 15,000 will allow our customers to save up to 20% on their electricity bills. If implemented on a larger scale, this technology will ease the burden on the national grid.

Our Secret Sauce

The magnitude of its potential is such that if our product is installed on a 100 transformers of DHA Smart City, it can yield savings of PKR 12 crore annually.

Team Members


Syed Ali Jaffer


Osama Bin Shakeel


Mohammad Faheem Ali


Rahim Rasool